Investing . in Real Estate
One way or the other, one kind or another ,

"Real estate investing is always about the numbers, never about the wallpaper." - Larry Lick

The most viable investment available that involves possible tax incentives is still real estate. There is seldom reason to fear a downturn, the return can be substantial, and property that is purchased right and pro perly cared for will almost always appreciate in value .

Income property investments are typically held for long-term gain , as well as a hedge against inflation. Real estate investors actually profit from inflation because with a 30% equity, just a 3% inflationary increase in property values results in a 10% return on investment. Without even considering normal operating profits and tax benefits! See the RHOL page on Using Leverage in Real Estate Investing .

Real estate can be purchased in many forms , including: shopping centers, industrial buildings, warehouse net leases, apartments, single family residential housing, and even raw land. The investment can be direct, or through various kinds of partnerships and investment trusts.

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