Today's Comment: Education Costs , rooted in real estate.

Yesterday's Commentary: Like a Good Neighbor?


Eviction notices give new life to tenants' rights 2-23-2002
Rental Housing's share of the market remains stable December 1996
Realtors join HUD in new Fair Housing Partnership , December 1996
HUD's New Guidance on Occupancy Standards July 1996
Cost VS Value, Building and or renovating rental housing.
HUD Shifts Funding, Congress requests a shift to Section 8 rent subsidies.
Landlord Jailed in Kansas, Plus $12,500 fine for 25 code violations
Communities in Crisis, Bloomington, Minnesota


Like a Good Neighbor?
Rental Housing Out Of Reach

Political Parties Parallel Parents
Look Out Landlords, Congress may totally revamp HUD rent subsidies.
Hunger VS Homelessness, point and counterpoint
It's Lying Time Again, by Larry Lick