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The RHOL family of webs has been the most extensive and comprehensive rental property resource on the Internet since 1995. Our thousands of supporting members make it possible for us to continue to add content and services to the rental housing community.

There are many information and service areas for supporting members, including: state landlord tenant law compiled and summarized; the Fair Credit Reporting Act, searchable, with the old language and new changes highlighted; and an extensive section on professional property management, including topics ranging from risk management and insurance to requirements for the small landlord under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Like the universe itself, we are always evolving, adapting and expanding. We try to keep you updated on what's new in the site, however, it pays to explore because you may find a great deal of valuable information that you didn't even know that you needed to know.


Our History

Cornerstone Management Company was created in 1978 to manage income producing property on behalf of the principals and their associates. The company grew into real estate brokerage and investment consulting over the years.

Finally, in 1991, CornerStone Electronic Services was added to provide the necessary computer hardware and training to company clients. Because the principals have always been players in income property investing and management, they have also been active in their state and local rental housing associations, which led to their next big step.

Rental Housing On Line began as a Computer BBS to permit local landlord association members access to tenant screening information and eviction lists - on line. The BBS grew into a very successful interactive site which soon provided association members with the ability to not only access information, but the technology to chat with peers, post vacancy listings and search for prospective tenants from their computer in their own home or office.

As the Internet evolved into a user friendly environment, there was an obvious opportunity to provide many of the same services we had already developed to a much wider group of landlords and investors. However, after getting the site up and running we discovered that many more tenants than landlords were visiting the site and asking for information on tenant rights, landlord tenant law, and even just information on how to find decent, safe, affordable housing. 

What you find here so far is a result of our continuing effort to meet the need for information and services to both landlords, tenants, and now the real estate investing community as well. If you cannot locate what you need on our site, or need to find additional resources, please let us know.

We intended to offer everything free and only asked for voluntary contributions, but very few volunteered and our costs kept increasing. Full access to all content and many features requires that one become a supporting member for an annual fee.  For detailed information about membership benefits, visit our Why Join page.